Electronic Modules

Our own range of sound effect, control and miscellaneous function modules, designed for quick and easy installation, without the need for specialized knowledge.

The modules are powered by low voltage supplies for safety, either 12V d.c. (stabilized), or 16V a.c., dependent on type. For the d.c. powered modules, we recommend the regulated power adapter in the POWER SUPPLIES section (MPA1).

For a.c. powered modules, we recommend a separate mains transformer, see TR1.

The modules can be mounted in any well ventilated position, horizontally or vertically, but the control presets should be made easily accessible. Each module has four mounting holes, and a Module Mounting Kit is available, comprising mounting pillars, screws and nuts. Ordinary 3 amp stranded layout wire is fine for wiring up.

All units are fully tested and guaranteed for one year. Should a unit develop a fault outside the guarantee period, we can offer repairs at very reasonable rates.

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