IN100 Fibre Optic Cable, 1 metre


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Fibre optic cable has a multitude of uses on the layout, including conveying light from a central source to loco headlamps, signal heads, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of fibre optic cable is its efficiency: the light source (say a high-brightness LED, for maximum light output) can be many metres away from the place it is required, even tied into loose knots, and the light output will be almost as bright as at the input.

Our cable is sheathed with a special fluorine coating, which can be stripped off to leave the clear 1mm core, and has a total diameter of 2.2mm. It is easily cut with a sharp knife, hot blade or Xuron track cutter (the latter gives a very neat, straight cut). The minimum bend radius is 50mm.

TIP: for experimental work and modelling applications, the cable may be connected to the light source using heatshrink sleeving. This holds the LED in close contact with the cable for maximum light transmission. We recommend painting the base of the LED with matt black paint, to ensure that no light leaks out from the base.

Sold by the metre.

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