CM-12/24 Steam Chuff Module with Large Speaker


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A new and improved version of our popular Steam Sound module, this unit is ideal for use off the loco on layouts, or mounted inside the loco in the larger gauges (G Scale, ride-ons, etc.).

On indoor layouts, the track voltage is used to change the speed of "chuffs" as the train is running, and a soft hiss of adjustable level is heard when the train is stationary.

On ride-on locos, the synchronisation voltage is taken from the speed control potentiometer on your fitted loco controller (4QD or Parkside for example.). Will also work with other ride-on loco controllers that use a variable dc voltage between 0 and 30 volts maximum as the handset control voltage. Again there is a gentle hiss produced when the train is stationary.

The power output is approximately 4 watts, enough to be heard over the noise of an exhibition hall, or for outdoor use. An extra 4 ohm speaker (optional) added in parallel with the supplied one will increase the volume slightly if required.

Will run on any dc voltage between 12 and 24V, either from batteries or a dc power supply unit.

Features preset potentiometer controls for synchronisation (to match the chuffs approximately to wheel rotation), volume and the stationary hiss level.

Module dimensions: 142 x 57 x 42 approx. Speaker 112 x 112mm.

Supplied with full installation instructions.

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