DESS-12S Diesel Engine Sound, with Small Speaker


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12V dc operated, with 50mm 8 ohm speaker. For small to medium layouts and loco mounting in O, 1, G etc.

The engine noise effect is directly linked to track or regulator voltage, and varies from a rhythmic idle sound when the loco is at rest, to a full-bodied "roar" when the engine is in motion, with turbo "whine" if required. The idle speed is fully adjustable, as are maximum revs., turbo level, cylinder level, tone and volume.

Module size (L x W x H): 115 x 70 x 42mm. Supplied with a 50mm 8 ohm speaker (two or three more can be added in parallel for extra volume, cat. no SP1). Approx. 1W output (increases with lower speaker impedance).

Hear the modules in action (use the BACK button to return to this page)...

Loco idles when stationary, moves off, accelerates, then slows down and stops. Cylinder level high, turbo high.... LISTEN

As above, but with cylinder level low, and tone set high.... LISTEN

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