SWM-1 Steam Whistle Module


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These inexpensive units simulate the sound of a single-note loco whistle. For use on the small layout, or inside O Gauge locos and above. Operates on 12V d.c., provided by batteries or a regulated power supply, and is supplied complete with all the necessary switches, loudspeaker and comprehensive installation instructions

Each features pitch and volume controls, and a white-noise generator to give an edge of "steam" as the whistle is sounded.

May be used free standing, or mounted within the loco (O gauge and larger).

The effect is triggered manually at any time via a push switch, or automatically via a train mounted magnet passing over a reed switch positioned between the rails.

Module dims: 110 x 47 x 25mm. Speaker diameter 50mm, impedance 8 ohms. Extra speakers may be individually switched in to "follow" a train along its route.

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Low pitch.... LISTEN

Medium pitch.... LISTEN

High pitch.... LISTEN

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