FC-1A Handheld N/OO Controller with 6-pin DIN Plug and Feedback


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Similar to FC-1, but with a fitted 6-pin DIN plug. This high quality unit includes a pulse circuit and feedback, for reliable starting and excellent low-speed control, essential for shunting operations. Equally at home with older heavy locos such as Hornby Dublo, or modern lightweight models such as Farish N, Bachmann and Hornby.

Other features include:

  • Full overload and short circuit protection with red LED indicator
  • Green LED track power indicator
  • Toggle direction switch with centre-off position
  • Large speed control knob for precise starting/stopping
Suitable mains transformer CT1 (cased unit, 15V ac at 1.5A) or one winding of TR1 (0-15V ac, 0-15V ac at 1.6A per winding, uncased).

Input voltage 14 -18V a.c. from transformer (at 1.5 amps minimum).
Output voltage 0-12V d.c. (nominal).
Output current 1.5 amps max.
Dimensions 45 x 55 x 75mm overall
Supplied with 3m four-core connecting cable, terminated in a 6-pin DIN plug, ready for use with a 6-pin DIN chassis socket (as fitted to some other makes of controller).

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