FC-1A Handheld N/OO Controller with 6-pin DIN Plug and Feedback


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Similar to FC-1, but with a fitted 6-pin DIN plug. This high quality unit includes a pulse circuit and feedback, for reliable starting and excellent low-speed control, essential for shunting operations.

Other features include:

  • Full overload and short circuit protection with red LED indicator
  • Green LED track power indicator
  • Toggle direction switch with centre-off position
  • Large speed control knob for precise starting/stopping
Suitable mains transformer TR1 (0-15V, 0-15V at 1.6A per winding).

Input voltage 14 -18V a.c. from transformer (at 1.5 amps minimum).
Output voltage 0-12V d.c. (nominal).
Output current 1.5 amps max.
Dimensions 45 x 55 x 75mm overall
Supplied with 3m four-core connecting cable, terminated in a 6-pin DIN plug, ready for use with a 6-pin DIN chassis socket (as fitted to some other makes of controller).

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