About Us

Owner Richard Rix first came up with the idea for Trax Controls while working in his Norwich hi-fi repair shop in the early 1990's.

He had always dreamed of running a mail-order business, and having an interest in electronics and railway modelling, decided to marry the two by running a part-time business alongside the full-time one.

Having studied the ads in the model railway press, he realised that there was a market for analogue model train controllers. He had been building electronic projects as a hobby since the early 1970's, so with this wealth of experience behind him, he decided to test market a new product: it was the FC-1 Feedback Controller (still available and selling well today!).

The FC-1 sold well, and after the introduction of more electronic units such as the SWM-1 Steam Whistle and DHM-1 Diesel Horn, he decided it was time to take Trax to the next level. The hi-fi repair shop was closed in 1993, and Trax Controls subsequently became the full-time business we now know.

Business took something of a nosedive in 2008 following the economic downturn, so new ideas were explored and developed to keep things turning over. 2012 saw the diversification of Trax products to include the electronic music market, when the RetroWave R-1 Analogue Synthesizer was introduced to the world.