• Trax DHM-12S Two-Tone Diesel Horn Module with 50mm Speaker

These units simulate electronically the sound of a British style two-tone diesel horn. Operates on 12V dc.

The unit may be loco mounted in the larger gauges (G scale and above), or used free standing on the home or exhibition layout. The horn is triggered manually by operating a push switch, or automatically via a loco mounted magnet passing over a reed switch in the track. Loco mounted units can be triggered by radio control, or magnets could be placed in between the rails at strategic intervals, to operate a loco mounted reed. Controls are provided for pitch and duration of each of the two notes, and overall volume level is adjustable.

Once triggered, the first note is sounded, followed by the second note. The adjustment presets allow you to set a low-high setting, or a high-low setting as required.

Controls are provided for: note 1 duration, note 1 pitch, note 2 duration, note 2 pitch, and volume.

Supplied with a 50mm diameter speaker.

Board dims: 110 x 60 x 28cm.

Power source: 12V dc. (if used on a layout, our MPA1 power adapter is recommended).

Trax DHM-12S Two-Tone Diesel Horn Module with 50mm Speaker

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