• Trax CM-12/24S Steam Chuff Module with 50mm Speaker

These 12 to 24V dc operated units simulate the exhaust sound of a steam locomotive, the effect varying from a gentle, steady hiss when the train is stationary, to the distinctive "chuffs" as it moves away. The chuff rate is proportional to the speed of the train, and linked to the controller output voltage, adjustable via a preset control to suit the loco in use. The CM-12/24S is designed for use free-standing on the layout, or loco mounting in O, 1 and larger gauges (for ride-on locos, we reccommend the CM-12/24, which has a larger speaker).

Controls are provided for synchronisation, stationary hiss level, and overall volume.

Supplied with a 50mm diameter speaker.

Module dims: 143 x 57 x 44mm.

Power source: 12 to 24V dc. (if used on a layout, our MPA1 power adapter is recommended).

Hear the module in action: CM-12/24S Steam Sound

Trax CM-12/24S Steam Chuff Module with 50mm Speaker

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